Yeah, before you tell me it completely sucks I just want to say all 3 songs were about 90% improv...the lyrics barely make sense and I didnt know where I was going with the chords. I basically picked up a guitar and started making stuff up as i went and some things worked out some didn't. Also, I dont think I ever ended these songs without repeated crap uselessly.

But if anyone can see through the randomness and my lack of direction and they can crit the tunes thatd be good, I have a lot of things I could've have done better but i recorded those 1-2 years ago. If anyone thinks these are worth putting work into a making a good full recording lemme know.


P.S. My voice sounds extra bad because it is as i said ..improv.
Song 1: the guitar itself sounds out of tune, but its still pretty good especially for all improv

Song 2: Try not to strike the strings so hard, i personally like this the least of all the songs

Song 3: Probably the best out of all 3, but the vocals all seem the same

i wont even listen to this based on ur description... get organized, at least have a progression or something, so your not bull****ting everything...and then post an organized recording or even jam, just have somewhere your going with it