Well as far as guitar riffs go there are so many good ones out there but the most haunting for me has to be Bijou by Queen off the album Innuendo, I think knowing that it was written about Freddie and his illness makes it more so...

Anyway... what is the most haunting riff you know of, post them here!
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soup is good food-dead kennedys
very spooky
oh wait this is in modern rock...
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ermm that guitar riff from Shine on you crazy diamond?
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airbag by radiohead
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airbag by radiohead

Arcarsenal - the slight lead riff in the intro - ATDI (it's all I can think of at the moment)
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If we're talking modern rock like the forum suggests then "I Hate Everything About You" - Three Days Grace
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The song Amanecer by L.A. Guns is pretty haunty, it's instrumental. There's no real riffs in it, but the chords mixed with the lead, or the chords on their own, it's all pretty haunty.
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Change (in the house of flies) by the Deftones definately.
There are others, but I'll name a few from two of my top-notch bands.

"Angry Chair" and "Get Born Again" - AIC
"Flood" and "H." - Tool
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roulette dares- the mars volta
televators-the mars volta
climbing up the walls-radiohead

"Roulette Dares (The Haunt of)"... oh, you .

My List:
Coheed 'n' Cambria: Verse riff for Apollo I and II (same thing)
Coheed 'n' Cambria: Al The Killer
Coheed again: Second Stage Turbine Blade
The Mars Volta: Cassandra Geminni: The "25 wives in the lake tonight" part. It's not a "riff" per se, but it's damn creepy.
Muse: Space Dementia intro, or whatever Rachmininoffnoffnoff peice it's based upon.
A Perfect Circle: Weak and Powerless

And whoever said Screenager by Muse, that too.
Gets me every time
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