OK, so my band does a lot of Strokes/Franz Ferdinand covers. Just from that you might be able to tell we really need two guitarists. The problem is that the singer doesn't play and sing too well, or have his own guitar stuff. In fact he uses my microphone. He's pretty much my best freind who can also sing so he uses my stuff. He uses my amp and spare guitar, which is cool with me. I just think that we would be a lot better if he could play even simple rhythms while singing.

Now, i've been teaching him how to play guitar for a few months but there are some problems. His fiongers are fast enough for chord changes, but he despises chords. He thinks he can be the lead guitarist without knowing chords. Or theroy. What we do when we just play guitar is i tell him what to play and he learns it fast enough.

So we're pretty much stuck doing acoustic covers of songs, which usually sounds good, but i think it would be nice to do some electric tracks that sound cooler.

So, i'm wondering what i should do.
give him time, it's hard to be able to sing and play at the same time, even simple rythms. some people naturally have it.. some people have to work untill the guitar is just second nature
have him try read something and play guitar maybe that willhelp
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I was like that the first few months I played, give him time to get over himself and then have him learn chords and some basic theory.
get a talented guitarist who is completely untalented at singing so your friend won't feel threatened when you have someone else play. This way, he can still sing. Also, he can practice too.
^I agree. Since he's been playing for a few months and can't/refuses to get chord changes down he's not going to be very useful as a guitarist.

If you're really set on having him as the second guitarist explain to him how you need to know chords to play practically any song. He needs to change his attitude or he'll never be a good guitarist.
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