Im possibly playing this live in a few weeks........but my band really want to "make it our own".....

Anyone familiar with the original song please leave a crit.......

Im not sure if im "making it my own"......"or pissing all over a picasso".....


Thanks Folks
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Sounded pretty cool. Except Animals came out in 1977, not 1974.
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Quote by JJK
Sounded pretty cool. Except Animals came out in 1977, not 1974.

lol lamo.....i actually knew that

It was a typo honset.......Animals is in my humble opinion the greatest album ever recorded....

I keep wanting to do a cover of "dogs"......lol but im too scared.......
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Wow. I really liked it. Loved how you can keep rhythm like that without drums and still be tight as hell with the solos and everything else.
Sweet intro, I like it, really great guitar. Must sound awesome as a full band. Fantastic job man, I really like the orchestration. Very nice work...I could only figure out how to listen to the preview...how do I play the whole thing?

If you tell me how to hear the whole thing I can post more...so far, really great job man!
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the only thing i could see wrong is that you didnt post the entire song on. i agree with that guy ^, post the rest! ne ways from the first er so minute its sounds amazing, i love how you sustituted keyboard for guitar. def.play this song live and post the rest!
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I feel sorry for the drummer, he gets stuck with a guitarist who can't hold a rhythm to save his life and a vocalist in the middle of a heavy-flow month.
Sounds wicked. I don't really have any comments other than that it was great. Amazing tone on the guitars, very different from the original but still a great tribute to it. Post the whole song!

Crit for crit, if you have time: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6620687#post6620687
what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

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lol hey folks thanks for the kind words.....

Im actually on holiday right now, but soon as i get back, im gonna finish this off....


Crit all the stuff i promised too. Sorry for the wait people.
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Im a GIANT Floyd fan. this is different, but keeps very true to the origional. great
totally cool, love the crunch as the intro riff comes in, this is very nice orchestration, I would love to see you play this live, people will like this man, good work