So, for this one I'm thinking about sort of an acoustic, pop punk deal. The chord rhythm is a bouncy, 1&2&3-4&5 You dig? So, here goes the song:

Mellowing Out

Where have all the heroes gone?
That catalyst for change.
Where have all the riots gone?
It's such a quiet day and age.
We're just sittin around, with nothin' to do,
praytell why should we complain?
What happened to the moving anger?
A warning sign will keep us from da nger.
Where has that indignation gone?
We're losin' the will to carry on.
I say...

We're mellowing out.
We're suckin up to the man.
We're losing ground.
Why should we raise a hand?
Go to work, come back home.
I don't care... leave me alone.

Summer days, good time on the water.
In the East, they're killing their daughters.
Now we eat, but Africa's starvin'.
Who really cares?
Who really cares?
Nobody's there!
Who's fightin for more than their next big rasise,
a two story in suburbia, their daddy's praise.
Who's standing up?
I never heard of ya..
WHat will we do when the riots are all gone?

We're mellowing out.
Suckin up to the man.
Middle ground's lost.
There's no promised land.

So wake me up when the time has come,
For the revolution that's already won.
You're mellowing out.
You're no fun.

Where are the heroes?
They've mellowed out...

It's sort of still in in early development... the singing makes up for the lack of rhyme sometimes. Thanks for any help you offer!
Good song..8/10..i liked this song cause it has a good rhyme everytime..
VERY cool..i have no idea wat crit on this song..it seems all good..

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