Hi Party-People ,

our drummer plays drums since 4 years and she can't go out of her-self. How can i tell her that she should have heart to do more fill-ins?

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why wtf? what do you mean?

Your question / request is unclear....
What are you trying to say?

She shouldn't play just "Hi-Hat, Snare, Base-Drum" there are crush-cymbals and toms too. How can i tell it how she should play?
Knedl mid Soß. Des moga!
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Wow this thread is just littered with intelligent posts...

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Anyways I'm assuming that the problem is your drummer doesn't play any fills. Which tells me that if she has being playing for four years she hasn't learned much. Just have her listen to some songs so she can her how the drummer throws a few fills in at appropriate times, like from the verse into the chorus.
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Its not an insult to ask someone to play fills. Since she'd be using more drums, shed be doing more complicated stuff (probly) so if your asking a drummer to do fills more its more of a complement than a criticism IMO (Im a drummer myself). If she just cant do them just have her take lessons or something and learn how.
Tell her to have fun and enjoy herself. She might loosen up a bit then.
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i've got a plan for you. probably her problem is... self-confidence. heck, i used to suffer from that myself.

i suggest you find a song with no beat at all. screw the whole playing one hand on high hat, one on snare. what you want is one where shes rocking out all over the set.

to be honest, i can't think of many, well, any songs that call for that. but hey, if you can convince her to do it, it will help.

i suggest you do a punk cover of some african song... something like... um... in the jungle. yeah. and then you can all wear giant lion heads and stuff.

whatev. tell her you want her to play so loud that you have to leave the room.

hope it helps.

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