Ok, Im a bassist (obviously) in a metal band and I have been questioning for about 2 months if not more now, if I should invest in a 5-string bass.

If it is worth it, could I get some suggestions on guitars?
Try one out at a store... See if you like it.

In my opinion, I hate 5 strings. The strings are too close for my style of playing.
Usually lower, but I play music thats in standard, drop d, some kind of weird drop c, and I want to play some slipknot as well.
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well by your avatar im guessing u like trivium
and it maybe a good invest ment if u want to go that low but the trivium bassist hardly uses his low b string and there songs are ussually good without a fifth string i wouldnt advise it though , i would probably invest in gettgn something better like an amp or soemthing instead of a new bass or a better 4 string or what ever it is that u have
i suggest staying with the four string, espiecally in a metal band. I personally dont like 5 strings but try one then see if you like it better.
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Im also a bassist.
Ive got a 5 string bass.
And im in a metal band. I think it depends what kind of metal, if you are really hardcore then get a five string even though you dont need to be too low to be heavy.
but hey. If you like it too be low and seriously dark and heavy, my advice is. Get it.