Hello All. I am new to the recording world. I really just want to record my Friend who plays the Bass and I (guitar) in an mp3 format.
I just got the program called Audacity, and well it does all that for me wonderfully! PS: I am using a cheap $10 mic.

My question is ...
Are there way to get better sound quality out of the music? Or is that is that all in the mic?

Just so you can hear what I have done, to tell me how to improve, etc ...

This is me playing both buitars ...
http://starverse.dwnonline.com/shortandheavy.mp3 - something I threw together
http://starverse.dwnonline.com/wickerman.mp3 - Iron Maiden cover (practicing)

Guitar - Epiphone x100 Les Paul - BRAND New!!
My Amp is a VOX AD30VT - Amazing sounds out of that machine!


I know, when my friend comes over to jam with me, I record acoustic with the mic, and I have a special cable that I can plug right into my video capture card that can record from a guitar, so it is like having a studio really...other people like to plug their into their soundcard...i don't know how that works though, and it may also require a special piece of hardware or a downsizer. Also, try Backing away, and turning it up. Record vocals separately.

Even as it is, I can't imagine myself wanting better sound quality, unless you are talking more bass...that sounds fine to me.