For under £350/$585ish, what is the best 30W or higher amp to get. My musical tastes are hard rock,some metal and bluesy rock, Rarely play clean but sometimes. Thanks for any suggestions, and I'll be playing with an upgraded epiphone lespaul stdplus.
i'm around your style a vox valvatronix is your safest bet,i rarley like clean elect guitars but the clean tones on this are great.
^to (guitar freak) yup, you being "around my style" and having heard great feedback on this item,with ur comment has made me seriously want to test this baby out for myself!thanks
However,i forgot to mention,i play occasional metal,and these things don't have good distortion for metal feedbacks do they?
Laney VC.

You'll need an external overdrive/distortion for the metalstuff though.
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