Hot, Hot!
It so hot today! Yeah.
No, no.
I don' wanna play no
Pop, Pop
Pop or Country, no.
You Know! You Know!
You know what I need OH!

Some Funky Cool Reggae

Wee need some Bob Marley
Bo, Bo ,Bo
Oh, Where is my Bradley?

Play that FUC*ING BEAT!

Hey! Hey,
Where's the party? Huh?
Oz. To Freedom Baby!
Turn, Off,
this ****ty music YEAH!
You KNOW what you need to play!

Some funky Cool Reggae!


Feedback Apreciated. This would be the first song I've ever attempted to write.

Also, If you like it,
feel free to suggest ska strokes or chords you think would be appropriate or cool or w/e.
Dude did you just rip off my username?! Man that is so cool! I never new I was so popular!
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i would pay more for a midget corpse than an average size corpse
Little bit all over the place.

I think its about hating Reggea though which is healthy.
hahaha sweet. and you even have the obligatory reference to bob marley that comes with any mentioning of reggae lol ! sweetness though
It isn't about hating raggae so much as being a hateful person.
if you don't like raggae you should die a slow and painful death, yeah thats right. The song wasn't really good either.