Is this as simple as plugging a wire from the output of the amp, using a 1/4 to 1/8inch jack and plugging into your soundcard?

Is it that simple or do you need some more stuff for the amp?

Also could you recommend any good software?
pretty much, yeah

and i use acid pro 2.0
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Audacity is free, not that bad to record with either.
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In most cases, though, recording direct like that results in a thin, sort of artificial tone. With some tweaking, you can do well with some of the amp modelling like the Vamp, Pod, etc. There is also a *wicked* freeware VST plugin called simulanalog that takes you *clean* guitar track, recorded straight through the board, and makes it sound like it was recorded with a JCM800. Modelled tracks on their own aren't *quite* as good as you'll want them to be, but mixed in with a couple of miked guitar tracks, they can be really sweet.

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