I'm making my own guitar. Its going to be les paul style made from walnut. i have a bridge for it but am wondering how to earth it. How do i get a wire to the bridge? Its going to have 2 humbuckers and 1 volume and 1 tone. Any one have any ideas?
connect a wire to the bottom of the bridge post. I don't have a lot of experience with this, but I think major guitar makers put a plate at the bottom of the bridge's screw holes, and the bridge's screw just touches that grounded plate. That way the bridge can be replaced without doing electronics work.
I might be completely wrong about this... I've never taken a bridge out of a guitar.
attach it to the ground. drill a hole through the bridge post hole into the control cavity (if there isnt one there already...it should be) and run a wire from the post to the ground wire (or central ground, however you guitar electronics are set up
^ exactly

an easy-er way to do it may be to drill a whole form the pup cavity to the whole the tailpice /bridge sets in. alot of people **** up when drilling the sidewase holes- so its just a suggestion.

i mean zombat put a pencil size whole in his guitar doin a sideways drill, so who knows.

and then take a wire, strip te end, place it in the whole, and ground it out to all the pups- either to the pot ground, or a vetral ground like mutated said