I play a washburn.

I recently switched to ernie ball skinny top/heavy botton strings (10-52) and i've noticed that my bridge doesn't lie flat anymore and the whammy bar is closer to the strings. The tighter I tune, the more it stretches the bridge up.

is this normal or should I replace/have it looked at?
i've heard of this before, i don't know how to fix it, but you should have it looked at
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just remove the backplate on the back of your guitar and then just adjust the springs with the screws.
DONT DO THIS IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW. Go to a shop and ask for a set up ,and perhaps ask if you can watch them do it, thats a good idea. And it is perfectly normal, not good, but normal, because of the increased tension of the strings for the birdge to go up like that, you should just know how to adjust it...
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