Ive had this squier for about a year and have restrung it about 5 times. When i strung it last week it almost looks like the the bolts are coming loose because the string is too tight or something and the string hass crazy buzz. Is this because i went from heavier to light strings?

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your tuners are fine. if you think they're gettin a lil loose you can just tighten em up a lil. the buz from switching string gauges is probably from the neck bending backwards due to not having as much tension on it. depending on how back the buzz is i'd plug in and see if you can hear it from an amp. i find that i can get away with a little bit of buz and not hear it through my amp and have a faster playing guitar .
if you want to/need to get rid of it take it to someone who knows what they are doing so there is no risk of damage to the guitar.

edit: or put new strings on @ the original gauge

edit 2: what you need adjusting is called your action
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Thanks, ill try taking it to the store to see whats wrong.
"And you will never hear surf music again..."