i've got the taiwan version, which reviews say is a little "colder" than the japanese version. for what it's worth, if anything.

anyway, has anybody here had this done to this pedal? are the before-and-after differences noticable enough to justify the $100? i listened to the sound clips, but they don't seem to have any before-and-after comparisons. and the clips seem to have a whole bunch of other effects tossed in so it's impossible to judge.

PM the electronics hotshots posted in the who to listen to sticky ... very effective. They'll even tell you which mods are cr4p and recommend ones which are better. Also, you'd get some pretty useful ideas from the other electronics mods here. Good Luck!

i checked out the sticky, but i'm not sure who you're talking about when you refer to "the electronics hotshots".
All I know is that Keeley mods are really expensive.
And that alone makes it not worth it.
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