Ok I'm planning on getting a new electric guitar but im not sure which one to get. Any ideas for me with a budget of $250?
take the $250 and bank it till you can afford a real guitar or use it as a down payment on a payment plan for a real guitar.
You can get the Ibanez RG321MH. Mahogany body, HH pickup combo, 24 fret wizard neck, hardtail so in general good guitar. It's about 280$ I think.
Ok so when i save up the money what guitar do you think i should get? i think Gibson will be a little too much money.
well if you in the metal/hard rock department, try ESP/LTDs. they're fantastic guitars for their price (most of them, anyway). for classic rock and whatnot, u can try some fenders in the 300-500 range. they play rather good. I was playing a fender Satin Strat, and it felt really good for a tag of 299.
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well if you really want a guitar like now, you could always go second hand. I was luck enough to score a epi exp explorer special edition with a korina body & two good Hum. pick-ups for $210
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yeah go the used route if you don't have the patience, else a medium quality good name brand will be good for you. if you get a fender at least get an american fender. ibanez guitars are great but if yoru goin sub $500 stear away from the models with trem's.
biggest piece of advice would be to go try out a bunch of guitars and see what you like and take someone with you that has a good bit of experience so you don't get mislead by a sales person.
Thx guys ill go check some stuff out. See what feels right. But do u know of any good second hand shops i could go to?
i only had like 250 when i got my first guitar and i went and bought an agile 2500.....there really good guitars and very uprgradable to....heres the site www.rondomusic.net choose whatever you like