Hey everyone, I still consider myself a beginner, I've only recently started practising seriously and tried more advanced stuff.

Anyway, I need help with some techniques:

1. I've taught myself to use 2 down or 2 up strokes when playing different strings. But I've heard people say that this is a very bad habit and that you should ALWAYS alternate up and down strokes, regardless of the strings your playing.


I would start with a downstroke, then use an upstroke, next down and then
down again. Others would say I should use 'down, up, down up'
I found a guide on this on UG too http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/guitar_techniques/all_the_aspects_of_picking.html)

Anyway, I was wondering what's so bad about this technique and if you had
any tips to get rid of it.

2. I don't have ANY rythm and I even had problems playing with a metronome! After some practise it's easier, but I was still wondering if you had some more tips to play to a beat (or in a band), or is practicing it really slowly for a long time the only way?

3. In tapping exercises I usually get a lot of string noise when I move to another string. When I move to another string I get the open note of the string I just played. When I move from the third to the second string I can just mute it with my right hand, but how can I mute the first string when I move upwards?

E.g. If I play something like this:


When I move from the third string I get noise I don't want (the open note), but I can try and mute the string with my right hand. When I move from the first string to the second string I get the open note I don't want to, but I can't use my right hand to mute..
So, what am I supposed to do there?

Thanks in advance!
isnt that economy picking or something like that? i do that sometimes when im scaling fast because it makes transistiong to the next string easier, liek sweep the last down note on one string to the first one on the next string
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the first tab you did (the short one), and way you play it is exactly correct. Don't listen to them
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