Think Joy Division when you read this song some lines are longer than others I know but we just stretch the music.

She don't love him
She Just likes the idea of him
He loves her body
But he don't wanna be with her

Mistrust, Mistrust
Deep down in the heart

It all plays out in black and white
Like a victorian novel I know whats gonna happen
It all falls down the way it begun
He ain't ever gonna know but she thinks she don't care

Mistrust, Mistrust
Deep down inthe heart

The Sacred words will be a lie
Coming from someone with experience
It's a new drama to entertain you
From the highs to the lows sit back and enjoy.

Mistrust, Mistrust
Deep Down in the heart

Mistrust, Mistrust
Deep down in the heart.

Thank you for reading.
Haha, that's great .

Nice simple & evocative chorus & straightforward, unpretentious narrative verses. Nice one.