Hey guys.

Thought I'd spice things up a bit in here. Then I realised most people arent fond of having their eyes bathed in paprika. So then I thought of this thread.

Basically: Stuff you've modded that isnt strictly a guitar or guitar related.

For example: I have a friend who is OBSESSED with blue leds. He has hence for fitted them in just about everything he owns. How he got one in his flat screen monitor is beyond me but it looks cool as crap.

I also have a friend who replaced just about every component on an old music keyboard (not the computer kind) and gets some fuzzed up sounds from it thats low fi to the extreme.

Okay I give in, feel free to post circuit bends and pedal mods too :P
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Me and my brother took the black wraps off his drumset, looks really cool natural. We started to lacquer one of his toms, but then he decided he preferred a 4 piece drumset to a 5 piece, so we finished it, and stuck it in the closet, lol.
We're not gonna finish any more, because it uses too much nitro.
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How he got one in his flat screen monitor is beyond me but it looks cool as crap.

LEDs on my Monitor Spell out


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actually i never understood why the top sticky was just for guitars.

it's not like there are a ton of submissions. when i look up there it's usually on the same page. maybe it should just be changed to guitar/pedal/accessory mods. instead of guitar only.
just a thought and to be on topic,

i added an input to an amp to use it as a cab.

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