hi could anyone be so kind (and cool =P) to tell me how many flats should be used for each string to tune my guitar to drop b ? please? thanks ...
just tune it two steps down.

i think... im not sure. **** dude. im ****in stupid
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thanks alot guys buuuuut that doesnt help much i dont know what Gb means and if you say B (low E) i dont know what it means either, im really new at this .... if you could tell me like i.e. use 3 flats for low E string and 4 flats for G string .... sorry im just really new at this ...
ah right gotcha, personally i use a chromatic tuner so you can just tune to whatever note, i should have asked that question first, ok so:
low e: B - 5 semitones down
a: F# - 3 semitones down
d: B - 3 semitones down
g: E - 3 semitones down
b: G# - 3 semitones down
high e: C# - 3 semitones down

there ya go, for drop C just go one semitone up from drop B on all strings, so 4,2,2,2,2,2
hope that helps *thumbs up*
you *might* want thicker gauge strings when tuning down to drop B though, i find 10s are a little bit sloppy, ive never tried any thicker though, i think the guys from as i lay dying use 11s and they tune drop C
i wanna play (or try) some slipknot :p
'wait and bleed' to be specific ... wont stop til i nail it !
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its quite an easy one really, the older slipknot stuff just needed decent alternate picking, the newer stuff would pose more of a challenge really, you could probably learn some techniques with them too if you havent learnt them already