Its the only other wood that bc rich uses other then basswood and agathis.. they say its like mohogany only better. is this true? if its not... bc rich REALLY do suck cack
^Actually, the NJ series are made of mahogany.
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^Actually, the NJ series are made of mahogany.

there is no guitar on the bcrich website with mohoganty bodie only some weird warlock

EDIT no.. i dono thats why i made the thread it says "mohogany (nato)" on there... on almost every other guitar is says "nato"
Nato is known as Eastern Mahogany.
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Nato is known as Eastern Mahogany.

Yup. Mahogany and nato are the same. Nato is just a specific species of mahogany.
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I think Nato gives a brighter sound (wierd for BC Rich, I know) and is heavier, but it's not a bad wood, just not as good.
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