Is it possible to repair a case? I have the original case to my 1960's Teisco Del Rey. There is a rip on the side and the bottom is warped. But since people like the vintage look should I leave it as is?

Leave as is.
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what is that? vinyl? leather? either way i believe there are repair kits for that kind of thing, though im not sure how well they work. i would personally leave it, unless it starts getting significantly worse
well u dont want it to rip further.

u can probably get some glue. depends if the seems meet. at the very least get some under the edges so it doesnt continue around the case.

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if its not going to cause further problems, then just leave it. Thats what a case is for! getting beat up instead of your guitar.

if it starts to peel back a lot, then glue it back down, but theres not point in fixing it merely for cosmetics, itll just look more lame if you tried to fix wear and tear

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