Any idea on how to relief finger pains for newbies? Dont mind the pain but its hard to go on practicing with a sore finger.. Please help..
wow super fast replies.. what is callouses? sorry im a Malaysian you mind teaching me new tricks?
just take a break when you need to. the more you push yourself the more time it will takes for the sore to go away. and also relax when you play. not just your fingers, but every muscle on your arms ( both ). then, time will make it easy for you. just make sure you practice correctly. use your elbow when you strum, and make sure you have a loose (relaxed) shoulder and elbow on your fretting arm. playing relax is the key.
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Any idea on how to relief finger pains for newbies? Dont mind the pain but its hard to go on practicing with a sore finger.. Please help..

Just get some cortisone injections. That way, you won't feel a thing for months.
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I wouldnt be able to play my favourite guitar by then isnt it? haha.. I mean things like soaking in warm water may relief the pain.. Any idea what new songs a newbie can play? Electric guitar..
This might sound a little silly, but cutting your nails may help you play easier and develop those callouses quicker..er..something. That's what I did when I became frustrated with my fingers getting in the way of other strings and allowing me to get the 'point' or 'ball' of the finger onto the string. Back when I was first starting with my acoustic. But you didn't say you had this problem so..eh..*shrugs* The pain will go away soon enough...it'll take a couple months but it goes by quickly.

Just stop and take a break when it hurts too much. Some water might help if you must have it heh heh. I usually shook my hand and blew on it and then continued playing lol...Playing through the pain is good sometimes too...but not to an extreme...it's kinda like working out and lifting weights in a sense...sorta. Uh, well have fun! :P
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electric guitar...i would say play something greenday (basket case or welcome to paradise) (go figure...look at the signature), or something. some AC/DC is easy (highway to hell)...ill get back to you on what to play...ive got a mental block.
I just wanna ask.. not for newbies or pro.. but is Canon in D hard? Impossible?
I have to scrub my hands thoroughly several time a day for work. Additionally, my fingers start flaking in the fall as the weather turns cooler. My instructor told me about derma gear and it has fixed the callus and flaking issues.