My ass its real, the guitar itself is probably worth more than 1500, even without the signature.
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looks real enough to me, if you get it, you are one lucky bastard
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It looks like a toy. The pick ups and knobs are WAAAAAY too big for the body.

The autograph looks real though. I have Angus/Malcolms autograph and it looks real, espacially the A in Angus. But who knows, it could be fake,
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it's true
Is it me or do the horns look funny?
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It's an option for the "Which one of E Daws parents are uglier?" thread.
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Is it me or do the horns look funny?

I was about to say that. Reminds me of the ESP Viper.
I agree with the "looking like a toy" theory. The signature's realism wouldn't be that important, would it? I men, somebody could have had Angus & Malcom sign a fake guitar. Or something like that.

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