so i recently got a m audio fast track usb and finally got it to record onto cubase my only problem is the volume is to low when i record, any1 kno how to fix this?
are you going DI or using a mic? if using a mic, just turn up the gain knob. if going DI, turn the gain knob all the way down and turn up the input volume on your computer. that should work. if not, i can see what i do tomorrow and let you know. its too late to pull mine out tho, my room mate is asleep.
whats a DI and im just plugging the guitar into the m audio fast track usb.
DI is direct input. it means you are plugging the guitar straight in and not using a mic. thats what i figured you were doing, but i just wanted to check. did you try any of the stuff i suggested? or do i need to break out my fast track and fiddle around with it?
if you are using a pc you go to the tool bar in the bottom right. there is a speaker looking icon. right click and go to adjust audio properties. go to the audio tab at the top, and click on the volume button under sound recording. make sure the correct input is selected first, then turn up the volume.
hmm, i seem to be having the same problem when i try it. i know ive fixed it before, but i cant remember what i did. ill keep working on it and get back to you if i figure anything out, but at the moment im not sure.