Hey, I'll admit it right off the bat: I'm no carpenter and have no background in major tool usage. But I would like for that to change in hopes of building some really cool music related stuff in the future. I'm basically looking for a small project or two to get me started on my quest for learning the tricks and trades of building gear. I know my friend is building a whamola (weird, bass-like instrument) and I was wondering if anyone knew of any other weird instruments like that that are realistic to make (I'm by no means within range to build my own guitar or anything). So does anyone know of any cool, simple instruments or anything of the like that I could build?
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You could build some morrocos. lol
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Start with learning how the wiring works on a cheapo strat.(thats what most people start out on, use your least valued guitar that you kinda like or theres no point doing it) clean up the wiring, learn how to wire a master tone. Then go to whatever else you want to do.
if you want to build something very easy from scratch, i would suggest a whamola. search for it on the thread search. trust me it'll be worth it
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A pedal board is always good for some basic construction/assembly-based learning. Opening up your guitar and seeing how it works is always good as well, changing the pickups or rewiring it can really teach you a lot about how everything works in there.
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