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White Jackson Pro Series RR5 Rhoads
3 38%
Alpine White Gibson Les Paul
5 63%
Jetglo Rickenbacker 330
0 0%
Voters: 8.
hi i'm having trouble deciding on which guitar to get next. i'm a bass player in a punk band but i also like playing guitar and as my signature says i have a strat. the options for my next guitar are a white Jackson Pro Series RR5 Rhoads, an Alpine white Gibson Les Paul or a Jetglo Rickenbacker 330. all are around the same price of $1400 canadian. whihc one should i go for. i like to play everything from punk to funk including metal, rock, and all that stuff inbetween.
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Well, your amp isn't too good, try checking out a new amp. But for guitar I don't know how I can help because it all matters off personal preference.
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oh i know my amp sucks. usually i use the guitar player in my band's amp which is a marshall avt-2000. the question is which one looks nicer or you like the best
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Do you mean AVT, because if you do it still sucks. I would buy a nice guitar and amp.
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what would you sugest then
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start check out tube amps for sure. the current guitar you have now will sound alot better through a tube amp then any of the guitars you suggested through the avt.
I'd get an amp first, and then if you have leftover cash, look for a guitar.

Also, you spelled "Stratocaster" wrong in your sig...