I guess that you don't no well
So I'll go ahead and say
I got a face like Louie and a mouth like Bradley

I named my gui-tar Lisa
And she knows I get around
But every night We get together and go to town
Oh, oh

You know it really shows
When your standing in the rain
How you love sun-shi-i-ine
And My baby know she's mine

but sometimes she
will try her best to pick a fight
so I'll play roulette
with some colt 45

before I hit the highway
And drive like a crazy clown
I grab ahold of Lisa and she brings me Down
oh oh

I know what you want to say
Oh I wonder if he can play when he's smashed
Well I guess you'll have to buy me a drink oh!
And I'll play till I'm bleedin

Yeah Yeah Yeah.

Feedback would be great!
This is really my second attempt at lyrics, and I wanted them to at least have some rythm or something...I am actually thinking of playing this.

Stop me if you need to.

Payin Homage to the Guys who inspire me every day.
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Hmm..it sounds good..but make it longer its too short...and make some more rhymes up cause when ur making a rhyme song its gotta sound full u know...sorry but yea lol..its good tho