im pretty new to guitars... i can BARELY play some intros from metallica, "fade to black" "one" "nothing else matters" "welcome home sanitarium" and any tips or anything, like on fade to black i try and do the solo and i can kinda start it off a little but the tab just gets err to complex, like 3p2 or somthing what do you do when you pull off?
well, you know what hammer-on means right? i'll assume you do, so its just the opposite of hammer-on. Like with a hammer-on, you put your finger on the fret without picking. Do the opposite with a pull-off.
or, like this ya know, 3h4 Pick the 3rd fret and put your finger on the 4th fret. Just do the complete opposite with pulloffs. Im sorry if im not making any sense, i dont explain things too well.
whoa whoa..lol ur all over the place..we all know everyone wants to play metallica..but u got to start simple...go with something easy...then work ur way off try some blink 182 damnit and stay together for the kids...then u can go on to metallica..but for ur question u play 3rd fret while u have another finger on the second fret..play 3rd and then "pull" it off while ur other finger is on the second string...and viola! seriously tho start easy and build up confidence/ability then go on to more advanced things..ull see how u improved and be amazed...
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Hello. I agree with 'Crimsonashes'. Start with something easy like 45 by Shinedown or something to that extent.... I helped I hope.
well i could try... but i can play a bunch of metallica intros anyway.... ummm well i would do some blink 182 but i dont know any of thier stuff... and all i really know is metal... any suggestions? oh and thanks for the pull off thing.