I've tried searching for an anwser, but I couldn't find a thread like this.

Anyway, what are the frequencies when you are recording? I've been recording more but I don't like how my recordings sound equal I guess, like I want it to sound layered rather than fighting with each other. I was hoping that it was the frequency that can solve this.
clearly you dont know what you are talking about. but yes there are frequencies that certain sounds are made up of. for example, bass would be low frequencies, guitar would be low mid, and guitar would be mid high frequencies. if you take out some high end in the bass and guitar with an EQUALIZER there will be more room in the mix for the vocals. by the same principal, cutting out the low freqs in the vocals leaves room for the bass and guitar. this is a very simple explanation, but using this general technique will make your recordings blend more as opposed to all the instruments "fighting" for the same sonic space.