on music123.com theres a silvertone guitar pack for 169.99. it comes with a gibson sg look-a-like, an amp that people claim rocks, a gig bag, a tuner, strings, picks, and a few other things.

people also say the guitar rocks...can anyone back this up? plus im on a $200 budget at the moment. SO, i like the looks of this.

the link is...http://music123.com/Silvertone-Rockit---Combo-Package--Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar-i105090.music
its not good

if you must have a pack save up a little more and get the Ibanez IJS40 of the Fender pack with the Affinity Squier, there both about 270$ and better off then that silvertone

personally...if you really want to get into guitar i'd get a good beginners guitar around 200, an vox or cube 10-15 watt amp for around 100-130, then prolly about 50 in accessories (cables, picks strings) and you'd be much better off
well, ive got an ibanez rg right now, and some crappy first act amp...but the ibanez is great. i just need something brand new cause i got the ibanez used. i have the other stuff i need, like an amp and such. i just need a new guitar...i just thought the amp would be a good add on. lol

(bad excuse)...however i did find: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Hofner-Colorama-Special-Electric-Guitar?sku=511784

but it says theres buzz if you dont used both pickups...i get a lot of buzz now. and a yamaha pacifica was suggested to me by the local shop...any ideas on these?

thanks for the advice tho...ill look into those.