i think the voice needs some improvement but the rest sounds pretty decent

liked that song The Waning Moon. it had a lot of feellin to it but the other one, one Last Time, was pretty bland and dull.
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
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Crit while i listen

First off.. 10 points for the title. I likes. Great melody with the lead. Get the effect off the rhythm if thats actually one you added. Mic up your accoustic as opposed to going through the pickups. The vocal line is good, but try and control your voice a little more. Hit the notes spot on. Good work with the harmonies. Keep practicing with the voice coz it appears you have a decent range. A good way to practice is to record the vocal melody with your guitar to get the exact notes, then try to match it with your voice.

It sounds very "Surf-Rockish". Take a listen to Jack Johnson etc etc. It'll definately be your sort of music. Good work.

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