Does anybody know how I can get stencils to paint my guitar with for free, I want like a bullseye stencil or just some cool design for this OLD OLD strat. If anybody knows of anything or any software it would be pretty solid.

paper and a compass.

as free as it can get.
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no way you can get a bullseye stencil. Think about it. The circles of one colour will have circles of nothing in between them, to allow the paint to get on your guitar. And since there is nothing there, the next circle in will not have anything supporting it.
Why do you want to put spray paint on an old strat. . .

*scratches head*
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I was thinking of painting it black then laying down a bullseye stencil and then painting over all of that with silver, sounds like it would work to me?
how you would do it, is paint your color a base of black (or silver, whatever works, i would do black) put tape over it, then draw said cirlces on tape, then cut out where you want silver, then paint. then remove tape and bam! bulleseye
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I'm thinking that's going to be the cheapest way, It should be fun, and if it doesn't turn out how I want it, I can always start all over again
wait for a second and think..... how old is this guitar? is it a real strat?

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It's a 80's Squier Strat, I've already taken it all apart and sanded the body, i'll start primering tomorrow and go from there. I was thinking of black with a silver bullseye logo around it then doing a sunburst black around the edges too, then for the head stock, sand it all down and put my own logo there, like my last name or something of the sort.