Hello guys! I know you put the ends through the buttons, but which end goes on the top and which end goes on the bottom? I have a Planet Waves CheckMate West Coast Strap, which is like any other standard strap. The strap is connected to one end like a big 'loop' and is thicker since it's two strap parts overlapping. The loop connects to a buckle to adjust the length of the strap via pushing length out of the 'loop' through the buckle and out the other end. The other end is thinner cause it's just one strap and it also has a little pick-pocket close to the end where you connect with the guitar.

Sorry if the description is confusing, I just want to know whether the thinner end with the pick pocket goes on the top or bottom of the guitar.

Thanks for the help.
not that i use them, but i think the end with the pickpocket is designed to go in front on the horn of your guitar, you know, so you could reach it?
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thinner side front. pick pocket faces front, and loop shouldnt sit directly on ur shouldnt or itll be uncomfortable.

if u have a link, sounds like a cool strap.

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