Hey guys, let me know what you think of this recording I just put together. It's got harmonica and acoustic guitar, both played by myself. Any comments would be very very appreciated.

Also, crit for crit, just give me a link to yours.

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what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

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Guitar was nice. Old bluesey feel, and the fills were cool. However....practice harmonica more. Learn bends, scales, and better single note control.

The timing is off in the guitar solo, but it's still quite good. It ended on kind of an abrupt note. Adding a fill or two wouldn't have hurt.

Overall, the recording quality was good. It was almost like listening to an old blues record. Keep it up. You're a good guitarist, just practise the harmonica a bit more before your next recording.
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This was quite simple but nice.
Practise, practise, practise and practise...
I like this recording. I dont know much about the harmonica so I cant say anything about that. I thought it sounded good.
nice overall sound, good quality. It would be cool to see some sort of guitar feature or solo to hear more variety. I really like the Turn around like you did. AHhh nvm heres the guitar solo. Sounds alright but could use more groove. overall pretty good, a tad boring

you asked me how to get a jazz solo sound. Use a really dark tone. Use a lot of notes. Jazz guitarists never use the pentatonic scale. You can also you an notes out of the scale if the resolve correctly to the next chord. the 7th is very important, there are basically no regular chords. IF you playing rhythim its not a bad idea to add on 9ths or 13ths
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Cool little number here. Only thing I could suggest for the guitar(I've got no clue on harmonica tuition!:p is to mix up that 12 bar. I mean playing the straight progression is quite monotonous and simple rhythmic alterations or added fills/extra notes here and there really would help to liven it up. Nice harmonica though
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Crit as i listen...

Oooooo.. classic blues. I love it! .. Good little lead lick at the end of the 11thbar.
Love the harmonica. Good to see it still being used. The solo is fairly basic and a bit out in parts. I suggest have your song on loop and just play around a little more till you find something good. It's soo cliched blues in every way imaginable.. lol, I love it.

You realise one of the the major component that differentiates blues songs is missing... vocals. A nice vocal melody can be the difference between a hit song and "yet another blues song"

Well done and good recording quality.

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Hey there amego......sorry it took so long to get round to listening to it......

Generally very impressed hombre......
Playing guitar and harmonica at the same time is much much harder than people think, and you pulled it off well.

I love the rhythm section......hard to explain, but i like it when a guitarist can play something which fits into both the "lead" and "Rhythm" category. And for the most part your acoustic playing impressed me.

The solo could use a little work though. Some of the bends were a little off, and so was the timing. A good practicing technique is to bend a string while listening to a metronome.....bending and half bending it up and down in time with the beats. Also helps you build up a powerfull vibrato.

Great stuff though man, looking forward to hearing more.
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