i'm looking for a good amp for metal....as is everyone else in the world. unfortunately i'm like flat broke so i cant afford a mesa or a marshall or some tube amp with a big name. so i was wondering if any randall solid states were good....or any solid states at that. all i ever hear is tube amps and i've played them and nothing compares but is there any solid state runner ups that come close....for metal?

i need something big and loud because i'm in a band and i play some pretty large venues...and its time this ibanez toneblaster goes bye-bye

i was looking at this

anyone have any experience with that and/or some other recomendations for a good solid state

thanks alot
i've been hearing good things about the vox combo amps. might wanna try going to your local music shop and trying one out
just remember find a guitar thats pretty close to what you use now or else you wont get the best comparison.
i'm looking at the randall rg50tc....i wanna try it out but getting to a damn store is so hard to do
ive played my buddy's RX120...the halfstack, and i REALLY loved the distortion...im actually saving for one of my own right now
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I just went and tried out some randalls actually. I tried the new rg series and the 50 watt tube combo. I personally liked the rg better. I know people are going to call me crazy and what not for liking the ss amp better, but in my opinion the overdrive on the rg was the best I have ever heard come out of a ss amp. The new Valve Dynamic Power section randall is putting in their amps is incredible. I personally like everything about the rg. Good warm cleans, the overdrive was very tube like and it sounded good cranked. I thought the tube combo sounded weak compared to the rg, but it was still impressive as well. All in all if your on a budget and want a good cheap amp to upgrade to the new Randall line is incredible. Hope that helped a little.
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The two guitarists in my band both have the same anp that you are looking at, they sound great and have a great distortion they dont even use many pedals anymore they just use the distortion in the amp
what about the G3 series?
this post is so old but i decided to search for it
and is the halfstack good to.. i hope to get a chance to play them sometime soon
They only Randall amp I have any experience with would be the older RG75's

The clean channel was actually quite good for a solid, not quite a Lab Series, but good
The distortion would be good for metal, but I found it useless for anything else

Mabey a Crate? I found them pretty similar to the Randalls, but the there was more distortion available
^Lol? If the RG50TC can't take metal, no amp in the world can.
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if you want a good, loud solid state amp for metal, go for a Roland Cube 60
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I have the halfstack, and it's actually not all that bad for what you're looking for.

For my personal tastes on the other hand, I should have probably chosen somethign else.
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I am really digging the RG series.
My local music store has them, and I tried one.
It has insane distortion that will just blow you away,
but you have to take in to consideration that the distortion is very "unique" and "SS"
so its a lot more agressive than typical tube distortion,
And for the money, its almost untouchable (Just don't go with the effects models, those are more expensive and the effects suck).

i'm actually deciding between that amp and a mesa f series..
but its really a hard decision because they are voiced so differently

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if you want a good, loud solid state amp for metal, go for a Roland Cube 60

No. The randall is in a whole different category. (That means the randall beats the cube by far)
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^Lol? If the RG50TC can't take metal, no amp in the world can.

I don't play metal, I play punk... so yeah.

What settings get a good metal distortion though?