When i turn my amp up really loud i start to get this really bad squealing noise and its not the type of feedback you want. Could it be something wrong with the amp or do i just need my pickups fixed.
There's a lot of things that could be wrong with it.

1.) You may just have too much gain on, turn it down a bit.
2.) If you have a tube amp, than it could be bad tubes.
3.) Something is messing with your guitar's signal, check around for cellphones, computers, magnets, televisions, and such.
4.) If you have single-coil pickups, they could be receiving interference.
5.) Your electronics are bad.

I'm not an expert on this, but this may be able to help. It may not be very detailed, but I tried.
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Yeah we'd need to know what kind of amp and guitar youre using...as well as any other stuff.
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could the guitar be the problem?

not a chance, ne'er had the problem, and i use the js1200 pretty often.
now, i think it's because the magnetic field produced by your amp, is being disturbed by the magnetic field of like a phone or a tv or a computer, as said before, otherwise, you're standing in the field with your guitar. causing the same effect, so stand 'bout 6 feet away from yer amp... otherwise i a-fear me, there's somethin' wrong with the amp (as also said before)
ya i had my gain up to high...basically from 6-10 on gain sounds the same its just a matter of feedback or no feedback