Ok this is brutal but like..i thought I was becoming a good, or at least decent guitar player, but my music teacher of 4 months never taught me to alternate pick? how ****ed is that? anyways i have a new teacher at a new school and hes great, more theory oriented and hes teaching me everything from alternate picking to sweeps and scales etc...

anyways i keep running into a problem, i like alot of metalcore stuff, like all that remains, and old trivium...dunno if thats emtalcore but whatever...anyways on riffs like


that riff is just an eg from like light to the flies, a riff i can play with just downpicking absolutely no problem...but when i try to alternate pick i mess up, like i thought i had it, but really ill go down,up,down,down,up,down like ill alternate on the palm mutes on the 6th string, but then also hit the 8th and 7th fret notes on a down, it sounds fluid, but obv i wanna learn correctly to better my skills, any advice, or just reps after reps after reps, slow then move up? thanks guys i appriciate the help
Practice slowly, then speed up. ALWAYS practice with a metronome.

Another piece of advice is to start alternate picking on one string, instead of two. That way you can control the motion etc. better!
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I do, like honestly..when i do scale practice, or solo's..alternate picking isnt a problem on my 1-3 strings, i hit it clean, its just the thicker strings give me more troubles..its just frustrating..but I know once I get it down itll become a good habbit and I wont even thinkin about my alternate picking

EDIT: not the thicker strings sorry, like the palm on/palm off metalcore riffs...i can down pick them perfectly, but obviously i wanna learn correctly..
Actually there really isn't a problem with you playing that with small sweeps and in some circumstances it may be a good option. Of course you're looking to improve your alternate picking and a good place to start (after you can effictively perform alternate picking on one string) is to use three note per string scales or licks. This is because you have to incorporate both inside and outside picking:

   D  U  D   U  D  U     D  U  D   U   D  U  D  U  D  U  D  U    D  U   D  U   D  U

Now I 'borrowed' this exercise from Paul Gilbert, but it demonstrates both inside picking and outside picking, practice this lick; make sure you follow the picking pattern shown and do it slowly with a metronome and you should find that alternate picking becomes more natural. Once you feel comfortable try starting on an up stroke and then playing it both descending and ascending. Another option if this is a little too much to take on at the start is to take the run on the D and G string:

                         D  U  D   U   D  U  D  U  D  U

You can simply repeat this, try to give it a triplet feel with a metronome and work it up to speed and it should give your alt picking a pretty good boost.
Starting to notice that, all these exercises I see all over, for alternate picking and what not, are basically scales.. So why not just practice scales, with atlernate picking, maybe the major scale or something.. Kill 2 birds with one stone..That's what I do, just imrpov with a scale, using alternate picking, and I'm starting to see improvement quick.
^Because the whole point of practicing these scales is to slow down your movement.

Every time we sit down to practice, there is one thing, above all else, that our success in that practice session depends on, and that one thing is awareness. Awareness is the achievement of inner stillness in the midst of outer motion. You cannot achieve speed without the foundation that aware and slow practice builds.

Improvising up and down a scale will not give you that inner stillness, and you will not improve as much as you would with true awareness.
^ Makes sense.. Never thought of it like that, although that explanation kind of is confusing aswell lol. Can you say it in a more technical way?
Quote by zxBane
^ Makes sense.. Never thought of it like that, although that explanation kind of is confusing aswell lol. Can you say it in a more technical way?

'You have to practice slow to be able to play fast'.
If [practice="slow"], [speed="fast"]

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thanks guys..just need more patience..ill work on it for a while with a metronome, thanks everyone