Well, can you help me out?
I'm playing in E, but every 2-3 days I have to switch to D setting, and then back. Will this hurt my floyd rose or neck?
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No. I do it more often (but I don't have a floyd).

Do you mean drop D, or all strings down a whole step?

It won't hurt the neck, but the floyd will probably go out of tune. If you do it often, you can get a D-tuna installed on your floyd. It's a little mechanism that loosens the string slightly so you can quickly and easily go to Drop D and back.
well when i want to play a drop d song, i change it straight away, then after, back to E. If your neck or fr gets damaged then im screwed
it wont hurt anything. and you won't go out of tune either. i go drop d about once a day with my floyd rose. i have it set to where all i gotta do is back the fine tuner for my E string all the way out and boom perfect drop D. then move it about 3/5th back in . check by ear and i'm good to go .
With proper setup, you wont hurt your floyd rose, only that its sorta time consuming and you might hurt something or yourself in the process (e.g. accidentally scratched the finish with screwdriver). Also it wont hurt the neck.
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