Hey guys.

I have an Aria Pro II with bad grounding problems.

I've owned said guitar for the better part of 6 years but recently it has started to make a really bad electronical buzz whenever I'm not touching any part of the strings or metallic feature on the guitar.

It is not the amp (Marshall AVT150h) or the mains in my house or the lead as I have tried the same setup with a mate's guitar and there is no problem.

I'm not too hot on guitar electronics but I have opened it up and can't see any problems (no loose connections).

Below is a photo of the insides (click to enlarge):

I've searched other forums but they were unable to really shed light upon the situation other than saying that it's an earthing problem which I already know.

Please help- is starting to get to me!

Thanks in advance,
James Coster
One of the wires connects your bridge to the jack or something - either remove this wire or replace it with a resistor. I'd put the cover back over the electonics and instead remove the bridge to find the right wire.
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yeah the grounding wire is connected to the bridge, check there
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As I said I'm not too hot on guitar electronics.

Can someone give me a step-by-step guide on how to do this?

Take screwdriver. Make sure it's a screwdriver that actually fit's the screws attatching the bridge and the electronics plate.

Take the strings off of your guitar. Unscrew the bridge and take it off of your guitar. There will be a wire attached to this. Cut this wire. Screw the bridge back on to the guitar. Put the strings back on. Plug the guitar in and try playing it.

If there's any problems, come back and ask.
I though the whole point of that wire was to stop the problem that's currently occuring for him...
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Well there's why you shouldn't be thinking...

If there's a problem you can put a resistor in the place of that wire instead.
Surely if I cut the wire then it won't be grounded making the problem worse..? Does the wire need to be there at all?
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I see.

Well I'll take it to my local guitar shop and get it sorted out.

Thanks for all your help.
^wow dont cut any wires.

anyway, before u take it to ur shop check a common problem. the input jack ground.

take the plate off, carefully take out the jack, and see if both wires are on there tight. dont worry about the instruction on this pic. it's for tightening a loose input.

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