What am i supposed to play when some fellow guitarist says "Play something. Impress me!!"?? I always just sit there feeling akward, thinking, what should i play? I don't know that many soloes, coz for the last 3 months or so, i usually just play minor pentatonics over songs i like. I don't care for learning other peoples soloes, because most of the time goes into trying to memorize a tab, and not actually playing the damn thing. I do try to learn some simpler soloes just by ear though.

But anyways, what am i supposed to play? I know im pretty damn good for the time i've played (a year) coz thats what i've been told by my guitar teacher and friends, but i still feel like a total jackass when i sit there and this other dude is staring at me, waiting for stars to fall out of the sky or something..
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Your friends and teacher may tell you that you are "amazing for the time you have been playing" but if this other guy is some shredder thats been playing for 10 years...then your not going to impress him.
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That is why you have to start learning shred. By this i dont mean wanking with super speed. You gotta know how to improvise, basic scales, arpeggios and such, so that you could just fiddle around in a key with a chord progression in your head. If you just memorize solos, to me, thats lame coz anyone can do that.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
yes honestly i dont know what to play either. same as, i dont know what cd to put in the player. you'd think by now, but just remember it's the art of imperfection, you're not really going to be perfectly on time. i think my friend thinks i know "the way" but everyone has their own. someone out there knows...theyve got to