A few months ago, I bought an old guitar and I have been planning on fixing it up because it was a nice looking guitar, but it was in a sad state of up-keep. I have repainted it and I have pieced it together with random parts for now. I just wanted to hear what it sounded like. So i tune it with a chromatic tuner and then see how intunated(sp?) it is and it's off bad. My problem: this is an old guitar and the bridge is one of those old school tremelo's that has a single spring that pushes up from the body of the guitar to hold the bridge in place. Something a little like this:

I was thinking of replacing the saddle with a tune-o-matic and hoping that that would solve the problem. I just don't wanna drill into the guitar and screw it up.
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why not just take the spring off? that will improve the tuning stability a lot. Also u can't replace the sadlles with a tune-O-matic because that is a bridge and u are talking about a tailpeice.

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The problems with that type of trem are not usualy intonation problems, it's usually that the guitar doesn't stay in tune. For an intonation problem you need to look at the bridge and the neck. Make sure the truss rod is adjusted correctly. That means put a capo on the 1st fret, then push the low E string down at the 14th fret. Now look around the 7th fret. There should be about 1 or 2mm of space between the top of the fret and the bottom of the string. If the truss rod is adjusted correctly they try shifting the position of the bridge a little. If that doesn't work then get a tune-o-matic bridge.
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