Ive gone to my local music shop and tried out a few guitars. I'm pretty fond of the ibanez guitars there especialy the SA260FM they're selling it for AU$850 which i expect is a good price seeing as i'm not willing to buy online, so i was wondering if anyone has had any problems with this guitar and also any recomendations of other guitars to try out. Also don't just say "it's realy good" or "its a piece of crap" explain yourself.

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Overall its a good guitar. Neck isnt too thin or too thick, duo-bucker system can provide you with heavy sound, also cleans. SAT Pro tremolo is great, by far the best a-la vintage from Ibanez, just that tuning it would be similar to a Floyd Rose.
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It plays nicely, has an ok bridge and looks good. A little on the cheap side so wont be the best s series, but apart from that... there? the only thing might be the pickups, but even they arent that bad. Not IBZ USAs tho...
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I tried the guitar in my local shop..feel great..would be a good buy i guess..but the price here in singapore is cheaper..about S$750