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Simple. It's the amp. Getting EVH tone out of a Twin Reverb is as likely as Nazis supporting jews.
Get a professionnal to do it and ask him to show you how he does it while hes changing your strings
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I wonder what kind of FR that is that requires you to just slide the string under the bridge. Man, I wish my screws were that easy to rotate lol.
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1st of all, which screws are you implying, the one inside the trem cavity? If so, what i would do is, lessen the tension of the string and spring a bit while maintaining the bridge as close to parallel as possible and block the side of the trem block by inserting anything that could block it (9v battery, pencil, deck of card, erasers, wood)-

Remove the springs, then only you are safe to remove 2 of the screws, if you dont remove/lessen the tension of the spring 1st, then there's a high chance the springs would pull the screw and the wood thread would be eaten from the inside, not good. After you've removed the 2 claw screws, you can paint or mark them with marker an appropriate maximum point you should loosen it, about half a centimeter probably.

And i dont highly recommend you use this method to restring your guitar as removing all the strings will make the spring tension pull the bridge down, risking ruining your knife edges. What i'd recommend is replacing the string 1 by 1 or just follow this vid-
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