Whats are some good old peoples songs

I'm going to play at an old peoples home .. too help me get ready for my mini gig i have comeing up , becus i have no Exp when it comes to playing in front of people so yeah

What are some good old songs to play for some people that are like 75+ years old
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life birth blood doom.....jkjk

anything u wouldnt listen to

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just try anything soft that has very little heavy guitar in it, nothing else matters by metallica is probably acceptable for example. Ballads are a good idea.
If your playing some old people's songs, play stuff like Greensleaves, House of the Rising sun, etc. Just basically Acoustic stuff. If you ain't got a Acoustic play an electric on clean.
Metallica, that way if you give them a heart attack, at least they go out listenin to somethin good
Bob Segar anyone? Not that it's only for old people, I'm 20 and love Segar.. But you get the idea..
Try playing some well-know classical pieces.
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well i was on a cruise with pretty much all old people, and some guy was playing guitar. He said Im gonna play some james taylor and when he said that everyone seemed to be happy about that.
Really old people like that won't go for any rock and roll. You'll have to go for more of a big band sound, think of glenn miller.

In the Mood is a huge crowd pleaser for old folks
My Way by Frank Sinatra also
Anything by the Beatles will please them I would think. IMO they like alot of stuff if its done well and on acoustics, meaning not heavy and also light on their ears
well i played at a senior home, i played Paranoid, but tuned down the distortion a bit, and i don't think they liked it very much

full story:
my parents said if i wanted my new guitar (LTD DV-8R) i have to perform a song in front of a public audience

i was volunteering at a senior house, as a req for school, and i heard of some sort of talent show, and i signed up...

so i couldn't care less if they liked it or not, i got myself a new guitar
plus old ppl are usually either really nice or really mean, so good luck!
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Judas Priest. Just kidding... play anything by Johnny cash really maybe Walk the Line its really old and i think very easy to play with one person (just simple chords strummed).
Cannibal Corpse?

no really early beatles. you know Here There and Everywhere, Im only sleeping, etc.
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original Johnny Cash, Beatles, John Forgerty, stuff like that should do it!
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ask them! they might suprise you, if you cant be botherd just stick to ballads, the beatles and johnny cash.
play stairway to heaven.
also a good thing is try to learn canon rock. its rockish, but still is classical.
I'm not sure songs about death would be a good idea. They're just about on their ways out anyway and reminding them of that might not go over too well, regardless of how good the song is. For example, when I was younger, I liked the song "Spirit in the Sky." Whenever I listened to it with my 78-year-old grandmother, she hated it because it was about death. Even though the song is uplifting, people just don't like the idea of meeting their god so soon. Although I will second "Walk the Line." Everyone knows Johnny Cash and it's a happy song. It can also translate well across many vocal styles.

And maybe even, "We Didn't Start the Fire," by Billy Joel. Old people like historical references, so why not play a song that was too lazy to have real lyrics, so just mentioned several historically significant events between the forties and eighties? That's probably what they'll remember the most from their lives anyway, right?
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