I was thinking about getting a Line 6 Spider II 112 Combo amp. I heard it was good but before a get it i just want some opinions on it...thx
The general consensus is stay away from line 6 spider II amps.
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I have one, has served me well for 2 years, I dont get it what's with the Line 6 haters...it works fine, but I would also recommend a Crate 65W...those usually are 200.
Please dont get a line 6, the only people reccomending them are new people trying to show off their 212 combos or stacks. Go with a valvetronix or cube.
Both would be good, cube 60 for a more metal sound, though taht really might run you a like 300. And Vox has all sorts of different watts. you just got to look them up. There is also tons of threads jsut like this, search for them.
No you dont want a spider two trust me If i were you I would stay away from line 6. I know from experience I have a flextone 3, my friend has a flextone 2, and my other friend has a spider 2. Now my amp is alright but I'm having some probelms with it now. My friends makes a horrible buzzing noise if he turns it up to loud at random times when he plays, and my friend with the spider 2 it just doesnt sound good and gets mad feedback. So my advice to you is get something other than a line 6.
any suggestions for a 65W- 75W amp. I've looked at a lot but i just want to spend my money on something worth it.
Yeah, +1 on the Roland Cube, pretty good amp especially for the price. To tell you the truth id stay away from most line 6 equipment, some of there stuff is okay, but most stuff I find to be very low quality and not worth the money.
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yes get the Cube 60 its a good cheap SS amp. Line 6 is pretty much all garbage except for one thing there 4 button stomp boxes are very nice
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