Hi, im actually a drummer, but i always wanted a bass so earlier this week i went an bought an OLP. But today when i was playin it i noticed it was makin an unusual sound. I unplugged it from the amp and noticed it was still making the noise.

I then noticed it doesnt make the noise when playing frets with fingers, or popping or slapping it. Its is only when playin opening strings.

My sister has a guitar and i noticed the same noise on it a couple of months ago.
Its a kind of fuzzy noise which is only heard at top at the tuning bit lol - sorry i dont know the names yet and at the bottom at the pickups.

Hekp greatly appreciated josh
check that the tuning pegs are screwed in tight, they can cause buzzing, also check that the strings arent touching any frets im not an expert on the technical stuff so im probably wrong but its best to try everything
im confused i have it perfectly tuned to g but its still really loose, should i tighten it a bit more?
sounds like fret buzz. This means that when you play the string open, it is vibrating against the frets, creating an unwanted buzzing sound. The easiest way to fix this is to raise the action of the strings, making them higher up from the frets. This will make the bass more difficult to play, but it will eliminate the buzz.
i dont want to be tampering with it too much, it was fine till until i tuned it to play deftones, but when i retuned it the g string was g - if that makes sense, but it started buzing
if the string seems very loose (and I mean very loose), you may have tuned it an octave down. I really doubt that though, because it would be just about unplayable. It's not very difficult to fix the action.