Yea, I really want a flying V. Particulary a set neck. And i mean like a skinny v, jackson style, sept the jacks i look are like 2000, i dont really want a bc rich, and i dont like dave mustains eightball inlay. So i found this agile, sept i dont really dig the headstock shape and i was wonder if it would be possible to modify it realisticly. Maybe fill in a couple holes and drill 3 on the other side. maybe change the shape a bit. What do yall think?
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I like the headstock. But its your guitar. You can do anything you want as long as you keep the tuning machines away from the edges ( wow, that sounded retarted. Give me a chance to rephrase that...) If you drill to close to the edges your tuning pegs might break out. A jigsaw and a drill should be all you need (besides finish {Tung oil?}and paint)
I think dowles and wood glue would do it. As long as you are painting over it. Give em a day or two to dry (the glue+dowles) befrore you start drilling.
go to the hardware store. Its a piece of wood. Find it in the size of your holes that you need filled. Cut and sand down then go on to the next one.
I'm sure theres a way but I dont know. I saw a tutorial on project guitar about fixing a broken headstock, you could go look at that and see if it helps.

google: "project gutiar"

look in the tutorials or repair section.
ive been there thousands of times. thank though, for some reason i never associated this with fixing a broken headstock even though its practicly the same thing.
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please tell me more about this "dowles"

looks like that I'm sure u've seen it before
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