I just got a spider 2 30watt today and it is rather awesome but it says you can get custom tones to dial in from the line6 website, i looked around and can only find some custom tones but none of them are for the spider 2 range, so can someone who knows where i can find the line 6 custom tones for master of puppets etc can you please most me a link leading me to the correct page and thank you in advance if u do post the link love u
go back give the amo back and get a vox or a cube ul thank me when you actualy realize how bad that amp sounds
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Go cut your wrists or whatever it is you emo kids do for fun, I'm not helping you.

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Cant people stop complaining about others gear and help? sorry i dont know m8 Btw guy who commented above me he said he couldnt find them on the site i think.
hey cool, i think i may have found them mabye, im not sure and spanerman ive heard alot of people saying stuff like that and yeah ur probably right but hell im in love with this amp and the mo and im a noob so hey what can u do about it lol, well everyone else keep it coming more results make me happier!