Hey, first of all, I apologize for making a thread like this, but I would really like to know people's opinions. Currently, I play a Silvertone Apocalypse Special Bass(http://www.music123.com/Silvertone-Apocalypse-Special-----Bass-Guitar-i129509.music)
It used to fit me well because I was in a hard rock band, but that was a couple years ago. Now I seem to find it annoying because it's quite bulky and pretty tall/long. The frets are wider than normal bass frets so I find that I play a bit slower on this bass than other basses.
Nowadays I play rock music like Red Hot Chili Peppers and learning how to slap/pop so I think I need a new bass. I am interested in getting a EBMM Stingray, but seeing that it costs too much money for me, I'm interested in a Music Man S.U.B. X02 Bass Guitar(http://www.music123.com/Music-Man-S.U.B.-X02---Bass-Guitar-i111709.music). I took a look at this and the Stingray and they seem similar in style and looks. If you(people) could take a look at the basses and tell me what you think, I would be very happy, any kind of input would be great! Also, I was wondering if this Music Man S.U.B. X02 Bass Guitar is shorter than my Apocalypse, I am intent on getting a bass that isn't as bulky and a bit shorter so I can play it easier. Thank you for reading this topic and I hope you can help me out.
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The music man is probably a good bass i agree on the silvertone, some1 i kow has the guitar version, there not so gr8.
You should go to the local music store and check out basses untill you find the one that fits you the best, maybe?
then go to a different store.

I would shop online only as a last resort. But if you must, i'd recommend a Fender Stantard P-Bass or a used american p-bass.
i agree with TheDistrict but i would say first to just be comfortable with the guitar that suites u. it sould last u a long time.. there for if the music man is better and more.. for u , then go for that. dont be uncomfortable with a guitar that u dont like =)

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If he wants to get a RHCP tone he shouldn't go with a P-bass he should either get that MM or a Fender jazz both great basses
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It's pretty safe to say that the stingray style bass is comfortable, since it isn't one of those ridiculously excessive "metal" basses with unappealing jagged and uncomfortable bodies.

You won't have to worry about the size of the stingray, and won't need exact measurements.
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So is the Music Man S.U.B. X02 Bass Guitar shorter than my Silvertone Apocalypse Bass?
Ah okay thanks, and in your other post, you were kinda talking about the Stingray and I can't afford one of those, what would be your input on the Music Man S.U.B. X02?
Anything with the name MUSIC MAN attached to it will be good.

That is all you need to know.

THough other good another good company to look into would be Spector.

Just go to a store that actually has a selection and try **** out. That's what I do...
I believe I will get the music-man, it fits me perfectly. Thank you for all the help everybody!
Just to clarify Chinkychink, the SUB is a stingray, just more of an affordable variant.

IE the pickups and preamp are better on the regular stingray and not the SUB stingray, and you get a fancier paintjob,pickguard,neck etc etc on a regular stingray.
Once you get to the top, the only way to go is down.
Ah ha okay thanks, I read some reviews and some person said it's pretty heavy, is that true? (Talking about SUB)
unless your planning on carrying it around it around everywhere with you that doesn't matter too much, more about tone than anything.